Interval: attempt at alternative mapping

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”

–-John Muir (1838-1914) Les mer >>

Joint forces: A Collaboration Between Sound Art and Visual Art in a Technological Experiment

A fibre-optic sound installation

In collaboration with Maia Urstad

The installation “01001” is a visual representation of the invisible universe of information
circulating in our global telecommunication systems; airwaves, broadband, telephone
signals and digital radio/TV transmissions. Invisible waves of voices and noise are
constantly flowing through us without our being aware of anything other than the final result – e.g. when the mobile phone rings or websites appear on the computer screen.
We have collected signals from this global network and transformed them into a sonic web using fibre optics. Les mer >>

Sight for sound, ear for image. Perspectives on a cooperative art-project.

Le bruissement is the rushing sound of something that functions well”. This reflection is

usually accredited to the French literary critic and cultural theorist Roland Barthes. He was

referring to speech, and about the difference between stuttering (“stuttering makes a message

spoilt twice”) and about speaking in “multiple harmonies”. The “silent roar” is the sound of

companionship, a noise that comes from something which is noiseless, because it is in perfect

harmony – making noise impossible, all according to Barthes. Les mer >>

Impulse Transmission to Bryne


– A Fibre Optic Sound Installation” Les mer >>

Innerligheternas spegling: Hilde Hauan Johnsens utställning “Transparent” i Tromsø kunstforening

I Hilde Hauan Johnsens utställning “Transparent” i Tromsø kunstforening hösten 2002 är ingenting lämnat åt tillfälligheterna. Exponaten är valda med eftertanke. Samtidigt förmår Johnsen visa sin nydaningsförmåga både inom det tematiska och det tekniska. Här skall först diskuteras problematiken med att avbilda barn idag, sedan temat transparens och till sist betraktarens position i förhållande till Hauan Johnsens konst. Les mer >>